Community Meeting Feedback – Feb 2022

We would like to thank all those who attended our community meeting on 8th February 2022 to
discuss the Bishop’s Court Farm masterplan vision.

The feedback is based on the surveys received from the meeting date up until the end of February when the display boards were taken down.

It was lovely to see 70+ people over the two events attend the meeting, as well as the 31 completed
questionnaires received . We are grateful for the numerous positive comments submitted and we are
aware of some concerns of residents who did and did not attend the meeting or submit any
comments and would advise those people to please attend the next meeting.

What the community liked about the proposed plans

Facilities and space to benefit the community

Low cost housing for local people

of the Village

Sustainability/ conscious to wildlife and
ecology/ organic farm

Cafe and restaurant at Bishop’s Court Farm

What people would like to see changed and how we will address any concerns

17% Traffic impact on the village

A traffic impact assessment is in the process of being produced to assess the overall impact of the development on the village and will be shared with the Parish Council and the village.

 10% Parking issues

Landscaped parking will be providing to discourage offsite parking.

10% Proposed housing will have a visual impact on Abingdon Road

A pre-application will be done for the houses along Abingdon Road, along with community consultation and a housing survey to establish what is needed in the village.

13% Scale of developments becomes too big

Agriculture makes up 85% of the overall site, with the rest of the proposal being community park and village green at 12%, residential 2%, commercial 0.5% and tourism 0.5%.

10% Commercial aspects outweighing Village

The commercial aspect is very much a minority percentage, we will be retaining the agricultural function of the farm and making it viable for years to come.

62% did not have any concerns with the vision

62% did not have any concerns with the vision

Other comments and suggestions

• Should have been done years ago to help people stay in the village.

• Gym/ pilates/ yoga/ exercise studio.

• Co-ordinate with the Earth Trust, the Hurst and River of Life to ensure all conservation projects match up.

• Would like to see how education programmes can be built into future planning, with links to local schools and opportunities for young people in the wider area.

• Space to host events.

• Cherry blossom trees in the park. For picnic areas/ walks.

• Riding lessons and BSJA/ pony club events.

• Development of market garden with the shop selling the organic produce.

Possibly a few bigger houses options (4/5 bedroom & detached).

• Some jobs have been created on site for local people, can we have more of this please.

• Better communication between Bishop’s Court Farm and the village. Alternative options other than social media (electronic mailing list, posters etc) to update on progress at Bishop’s Court farm.

The Bishop’s Court Farm team is encouraged by the feedback and exciting ideas and look forward to
further consultation and meeting with you in the future. We are looking to incorporate a notice board
in/outside the cafe for any comments and updates.

The Snug cafe is now open and we look forward to seeing you there!

Next meeting: Autumn 2022 (Date to be confirmed)


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  1. Please keep me informed of proposed housing opportunities. We have family living nearby and are very interested in your housing plans.

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