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We’re excited to share that Bishop’s Court Farm will be hosting a community arts project in September 2021, called Henge21.

Henge21 is a a multidisciplinary collaborative arts event, celebrating prehistoric heritage. It will be celebrated with the community and artists in the midst of the ancient Dyke Hills under the shadow of the Wittenham Clumps.

“We want to celebrate these ancient sites and make them live again! We’re going to mimic that ancient processional way, we’re going to build a double ring henge that will become a performance area”.

Keith Ives, owner of Bishop’s Court Farm and Ed Metcalfe, project leader of Henge21 are excited for this exciting collaboration! They have been discussing the hisotry at Bishop’s Court Farm including the Dyke Hills and WW2 Pill Box.


The below text and photos have are from Henge Festival newsletter.

During the Autumn Equinox of 2019, on the Hurst Water Meadow in Dorchester we celebrated the first prehistoric settlement in the area.

HENGE19 involved thirteen artists, a glowing henge installation, poetry performance, haunting soundscape and 150 participants.

Now located in the prehistoric earthworks of the Dyke Hills under the ancient Wittenham Clumps. A torch lit processional way will lead to a larger double ring henge and performance area for dance, drama and poetry. Original music scores will provide a haunting backdrop for the dancers and actors to echo the gathering of our ancestors 4000 years ago for the annual Autumn Equinox.

The Dyke Hills and Wittenham Clumps

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