Lambing Season

9 May 2021: We are pleased to announce we will be celebrating the end of our 2021 lambing season with another Farm open day on Sunday 16th May. Please come and join us between 1 and 5 pm.

15 April 2021: Our new lambs are here! Please come and meet them! We would be delighted to welcome you to Bishop’s Court Farm on Saturday 17th April between 2 – 5pm.

Covid Government guidelines on social distancing must be followed within the farm and mask wearing will be required in some areas. Please note that it is not advisable for pregnant women to be near the lambs.

Work experience and lambing

13 April 2021: A big thank you to all of the students who spent their work experience with us at Bishop’s Court Farm! We hope you had a brilliant experience and we hope to welcome you back soon! Thank you to Hannah Maynard for sharing these fantastic photos with us.

A determined little chap

29 March 2021: One of our lambs at Bishop’s Court Farm has unfortunately been having some problems with its back legs. However, it is a determined little chap and will hopefully pull through. Why don’t you come an visit us and show him some extra love and support!

Maureen has her first baby

17 March 2021: There are lots of new additions at Bishop’s Court Farm this week! This is Maureen and today she had her first baby.

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